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Mindful Cacao

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Sip. Meditate.
Dream. Elevate. Relax. Focus. Replenish. Energise. Receive. Connect. Release.

At Mindful Cacao we offer Ceremonial Cacao and Meditation, seamlessly blending them to create the ultimate Self-Care Ritual. Consciously crafted for you, to create more connection, freedom, passion and purpose.
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Tasty, rich and full flavoured with 100% Organic Ceremonial Cacao and nothing else added.

Delicious and creamy, this blend contains 98% Organic Criollo Ceremonial Cacao and 2% Organic Panela and Vanilla.

Includes 1x 50g package of our Signature Blend Ceremonial Cacao and 1x 50g package of our Pure Ceremonial Cacao.

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Benefits of Cacao


Improves Vitality


Enhances Mood


Heart Opening


Creates Possibility

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Customer Reviews

Mindful Cacao has transformed my mornings. I take a break from work, make my cacao and then do the 5 minute meditation. It's like a mini-retreat and though I didn’t think I could fit it my schedule I can, and it’s so good. Mindful Cacao is my new daily thang.
I stumbled upon Mindful Cacao at a market and it has been an absolute game-changer for me. Not only does it satisfy my chocolate cravings with its rich and yummy taste, but it's also helping me learn how to meditate. The ritual of preparing and sipping this drink has become a peaceful moment in my day. It reminds me to take a breather and focus on me. Highly recommend Mindful Cacao!
As someone looking to reduce my coffee intake, Mindful Cacao has been the perfect solution. The natural energy boost keeps me alert without the caffeine rollercoaster. I really like the meditations too, though I do find my mind wanders allot, but I’m getting better. I really like there’s a new meditation every day, it keeps things interesting.
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