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Mindful Cacao

About Mindful Cacao

Welcome to Mindful Cacao ​

At Mindful Cacao, our story begins with two Australian friends, who share a passion for happiness and wellbeing. This shared passion led us to explore ways in which we can help others (and ourselves) truly live our best lives.

We completed formal studies in Positive Psychology and searched for insights in less conventional ways too by exploring different practices in shamanism and spirituality.

Our first business focused on running wellbeing experiences, leadership, and change programs in corporations and communities. Through this, we did see some positive change in people, but it did not always last.

Mindful Cacao About Us

The Journey into Insight

The pandemic then came along and gave us some time to reflect and pivot.

Through our learned experience and research we discovered that to have long-lasting wellbeing, it’s the little positive things you do and practice daily, that make all the difference.

Retreats, and workshops have their place and are beneficial, but it’s also the habits you commit to and complete every day that sustain your health and happiness.

The Birth of Mindful Cacao

So, we took two modalities that deeply resonated with us – one being cacao ceremonies and the other being the science behind happiness, and in that singular moment, Mindful Cacao was born!

Mindful Cacao combines the heart-expanding, nutritional qualities of Ceremonial Cacao with the transformative power of Meditation. The aim is to give you a daily Self Care Ritual that works and is simple enough to integrate into your busy life, helping reduce stress, increase energy levels, and deepen connections.

Ethically and Sustainably Sourced

Now we knew a lot about meditation and wellbeing, but little about cacao. Getting into the cacao game opened our eyes. The industry was not all sunshine and rainbows – we found there were environmental and ethical issues. As we are committed to sourcing the most ethical Ceremonial Cacao, we searched high and low for the best.

We’ve been to farms, chatted with farmers, attended conferences, and tasted a lot of cacao. We want you to know exactly where your Ceremonial Cacao comes from, and we are proud Mindful Cacao is traceable.

Why Mindful Cacao? The numbers speak for themselves!

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Intentional Meditations

Throughout the entire production process, from bean to cup, Mindful Cacao is crafted with love to give it the highest energetic vibration. Each month we tune into the energy of the cacao and choose an intention. This intention is then infused into each batch of Mindful Cacao and becomes the theme for our daily meditations.

Countless hours are then spent writing and recording these original meditations to ensure they compliment, respect and honour the Ceremonial Cacao.

Join Us on the Journey​

As we share our story with you, we invite you to be a part of this incredible journey. Mindful Cacao is not just a business; it’s a culmination of our passions, experiences, and a commitment to enhancing lives.

With Gratitude,
Antoinette and Olivia, Co-founders, Mindful Cacao

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