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Can’t Meditate? Let us Help!

While the concept of meditation may seem simple, implementing it into daily life can be quite challenging.

Common complaints include: I don’t have time, my thoughts keep racing, I can’t seem to control my thoughts, I thought this was supposed to be easy, it’s just a fad, I tried it once and I am still stressed

The psychology behind the struggle

Many people have difficulty with meditation because they focus more on their expectations rather than simply feeling how things really are. Before starting a meditation practice, it’s important to manage your expectations to avoid frustration. While studies have shown that consistent meditation practice can have benefits in as little as 8 weeks, it’s not a cure for everything and the outcomes may vary from person to person. Some people may feel calm during meditation, while others may have difficulty with distractions or racing thoughts.

How can I keep working with meditation?

The best way to practice meditation is to just practice. Here are some tips to help you establish a regular meditation practice:

Start Small

Begin with just a few minutes of meditation each day. You can gradually increase the duration as you become more comfortable.

Choose a Suitable Time

Select a time of day when you’re least likely to be interrupted. Morning and evening tend to be popular choices, but any time that works for you is fine.

Designate a Space

Create a calm and quiet space for meditation. It doesn’t need to be elaborate; a quiet corner or a cushion in your room will suffice.

Select a Technique

There are various meditation techniques such as mindfulness meditation, loving-kindness, or guided meditation. Experiment with different techniques to find what resonates with you.

Be Patient with Your Mind

It’s normal for your mind to wander during meditation. When you notice your thoughts drifting, gently bring your focus back to a chosen point of concentration (like your breath).

Start with Guided Meditations

If you’re new to meditation, guided meditations can be helpful. Most of the meditations in the Mindful Cacao Self Care Ritual are guided meditations, which help lead you through the practice.

Be Consistent

Aim for daily practice, consistency is key to forming a meditation habit.

Avoid Self-Criticism

If you miss a session or have a challenging meditation, don’t be hard on yourself. Treat yourself with kindness and get back to your practice the next day.

Integrate Meditation into Your Routine

Link meditation to an existing daily routine, like right after you make your cacao.

Be Open-Minded

Meditation experiences can vary from day to day. Approach each session with an open mind and without preconceived expectations.

Practice makes perfect

Remember that meditation is a skill that develops over time. The benefits might not be immediately obvious, but with consistent effort, you’ll likely notice positive changes in your overall well-being. Just start and let go of expectations. Our cacao meditation ritual is the perfect place to start!


What are common challenges people face with meditation?

Many struggle with meditation due to having unrealistic expectations and focusing on specific outcomes. Managing expectations is crucial to avoid frustration and to embrace the diverse experiences that come with meditation.

What are some tips for developing a consistent meditation practice?

To establish a regular meditation routine, start with short sessions, designate a quiet space, choose a suitable technique, and be patient with your mind’s wanderings. Guided meditations, consistency, and self-kindness are key elements in forming a lasting habit.

How can guided meditations assist beginners in their practice?

Guided meditations are beneficial for beginners, as they provide structured guidance through the practice. They are especially helpful in easing newcomers into meditation and can be found in the Mindful Cacao Meditation Ritual.

How can meditation be integrated into daily routines?

Linking meditation to existing daily routines, such as practicing it right after making your cacao, can help make it a consistent habit. This connection increases the likelihood of incorporating meditation into your daily life.

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