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Mindful Cacao

Self Care Ritual

The Mindful Cacao Self Care Ritual

At Mindful Cacao we offer Ceremonial Cacao and Meditation, seamlessly blending them to create the ultimate Self Care Ritual for you.

But why did we do this?  Research shows that to get long-lasting wellbeing, it’s the little positive things you do and practice daily, that make all the difference. The science behind it states that when we repeatedly and consistently make choices that are good for us, we solidify neural pathways in our brains making those good choices easier to make each time.

So, we’ve crafted an easy, simple yet effective 5 minute daily Self Care Ritual to give you more freedom, connection, passion and purpose.

In addition, each month we tune into the energy of the cacao and choose an intention. This intention is then infused into each batch of Mindful Cacao and becomes the theme for our daily meditations. 

Starting is super easy – just purchase a bag of Mindful Cacao, and then follow the Self Care Ritual outlined below.

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Breathe Deeply

Inhale deeply and exhale several times

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Prepare the Cacao Mindfully​

Stay present– by keeping your attention on the process, if your mind wanders gently bring it back to the preparation

Engage your senses – Notice the smell of the cacao, the colour and texture and the sounds you hear around you as you prepare

Be curious– Act as though you’re experiencing this for the first time, what do you notice, how does this feel?
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Set an Intention

An intention helps you with attention and focus. If you can’t think of an intention in the moment, you can consider what you would like to: let go of, manifest or get guidance on.

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Now Meditate

The meditations are original and crafted to compliment the ceremonial cacao. To access your daily meditation simply purchase Mindful Cacao and scan the QR code on the package. While you’re here though, click below for a sample. Happy meditating!

Start your Self Care Ritual Today

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Too busy to meditate?

We recommend you take 5 minutes to do the daily Self Care Ritual for best results, however, we understand that time can get away from you. So for those who are very busy, we have created a free simple Affirmation meditation that you can do while preparing your ceremonial cacao.

Perfect for busy individuals or those new to Meditation, as it is a shortcut to helping you calm the mind and boost your happiness. No extra time is required—just press play as you begin your cacao preparation and let our guided affirmations uplift and motivate you.

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