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Mindful Cacao

Frequently Asked Questions

The Mindful Cacao Self Care Ritual is a quick daily ritual, that combines the heart-opening qualities of ceremonial cacao, mindfulness activities to bring you into the present moment, and meditation to give you a deeper well-being experience. Meditations change daily, so no two days are the same, giving you lots of variety in your daily practice and endless opportunities for self care.

To unlock your exclusive Self Care Ritual, you simply buy a pack of Mindful Cacao and scan the QR code.

The great news is you don’t need more than 5 mins! Science tells us that it’s the small things we do every day that make a big difference when it comes to our wellbeing. So spending just 5 minutes a day on your self care will bring you many benefits both in the short and longer term.

To enjoy the Mindful Cacao Self Care Ritual simply:

1. Take a deep breath to bring yourself into the present moment

2. Scan the QR code on the package

3. Prepare the Ceremonial Cacao mindfully by taking in aromas, sights and sounds during the process

4. Set an intention, then pour the cacao into your favourite cup, and find a quiet place to sit

5. Play the free meditation and take 5 mins to sip and deeply relax . Meditations are original, change daily and are based on a monthly intention. 

While Ceremonial Cacao it is generally considered safe for most people, if you are pregnant, on low blood pressure medication, undergoing chemotherapy treatment, taking antidepressants or have underlying health problems, we recommend you speak to a health professional before consuming cacao.

Most times are good, however as Ceremonial Cacao does contain some caffeine, we would not recommend consuming it after 4pm, as it may affect your sleep.

Ceremonial Cacao can sometimes have a slight white tinge to it, this is a natural process called fat blooming. This happens when the butter separates from the rest of the cacao components. If your Ceremonial Cacao looks whiteish, simply prepare as normal. This doesn’t affect the quality or the taste.

Yes, Mindful Cacao is 100% Organic and Vegan.

Mindfulness and Meditation have been studied extensively and have shown numerous benefits for mental, emotional, and physical well-being including:

1. Stress Reduction: By focusing on the present moment, you can let go of worries about the past or the future, which leads to a possible reduction in stress and anxiety.

2. Improved Mental Focus and Concentration: Regular practice can enhance cognitive abilities, including attention span, concentration, and working memory.

3. Emotional Regulation: Can foster increased emotional regulation by helping you recognize and understand your emotions without becoming overwhelmed by them.

4. Enhanced Self-Awareness: By paying attention to thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations and reflecting, you can gain a deeper understanding of yourself and your reactions.

5. Better Sleep Quality: Can improve sleep quality by promoting relaxation and reducing racing thoughts that often interfere with sleep.

6. Improved Relationships: By being fully present and attentive in interactions with others and more reflective, communication can be enhanced, leading to more satisfying and meaningful relationships.

7. Boosted Resilience: Can increase resilience and the ability to bounce back from challenging situations.

8. Physical Health Benefits: Varied physical health benefits, including lower blood pressure, improved immune function, and better overall health outcomes.

The benefits of mindfulness and meditation are typically experienced gradually over time and with consistent practice. Mindful Cacao allows you to develop this regular daily consistent practice through the Mindful Cacao Self Care Ritual.

For those who are very busy, we have created a free affirmation meditation that you complete while preparing your Ceremonial Cacao.  This meditation will bring you into the present moment and help you practice mindfulness and meditation without taking any extra time out. 

Cacao: The Raw Magic
When we talk about raw cacao, we’re referring to the unprocessed version of the cacao beans. Beans are picked, fermented and then sun-dried, lightly roasted and ground with minimal processing.

Ceremonial Cacao: The Sacred Drink
Ceremonial Cacao has all its raw sister’s features, with some very important additions.

Traceable Origin: Ceremonial Cacao’s heritage can be traced. The supply chain is clear and traceable.

Nurtured Sustainably: Ceremonial Cacao is grown in harmony with nature on small farms in small batches.

Intention: From tree to cup, Ceremonial Cacao is cultivated with intention, and in alignment with the Cacao Spirit. This means the lands, the farmers, the process, and the finished cacao are treated with compassion, love, respect, and reverence.

Cocoa: Think Processed
Now, let’s take those raw cacao beans and roast them at higher temperatures, grind them, conch and temper; then add refined sugar and additives and separate the cocoa powder or cocoa butter to form cocoa and cocoa products.

No, you do not necessarily need to have a formal ceremony to drink Ceremonial Cacao. While Ceremonial Cacao is often associated with spiritual or ceremonial settings, it can also be enjoyed in a more casual setting and manner.

By combining Ceremonial Cacao, mindfulness and meditation as Mindful Cacao does, we are giving you an informal opportunity to develop a daily ritual while you enjoy your cacao.

How you enjoy your Ceremonial Cacao is up to you. It’s all about your personal intention and how you choose to incorporate the cacao into your life in a way that feels meaningful and fulfilling to you.

Ceremonial Cacao does have caffeine in it, however the dominant stimulant effect in Ceremonial Cacao is from theobromine, which offers a long arch of sustained energy without overstimulation or a crash. Ceremonial Cacao’s stimulating effects focus more on blood flow and the heart than on the nervous system, so you will likely experience it as a more grounded energy source than the caffeine you find in coffee.

To prepare your Ceremonial Cacao:

1-2 tbsp of Mindful Cacao
150ml of water
50mls of milk of your choice
Sweetener of choice (optional).
Note- Our Ceremonial Blend Cacao has a touch of panela and vanilla bean essence in it already, which makes it a tad sweeter than our Ceremonial Pure Cacao.


Add all ingredients to a small saucepan.
Stir or whisk over low heat for approx. 1 -2 minutes until smooth and creamy (do not boil)

Heat water (do not boil)
Add water and remaining ingredients to blender.
Blend for approx. 10 – 15 seconds until smooth and creamy

Our Signature Blend Ceremonial Cacao beans are ethically sourced from small farms in the North of Peru.

Our Pure Ceremonial Cacao beans are ethically sourced from a small farm in Papua New Guinea.

Both are crafted and packaged with love and care in Australia.

Mindful Cacao’s Ceremonial Cacao is ethically and sustainably sourced, organic and vegan with all of the Cacao beans nutritional value retained. 

Ceremonial Cacao is known as a ‘super food’ and its various benefits include:

1. Protein: Ceremonial Cacao contains proteins that are essential for various bodily functions, including tissue repair, enzyme production, and immune system support.

2. Fibre: Ceremonial Cacao is a good source of dietary fibre, which aids in digestion, promotes a feeling of fullness, and helps regulate blood sugar levels.

3. Fats: The majority of Ceremonial Cacao’s fat content is in the form of healthy monounsaturated fats.

4. Minerals: Ceremonial Cacao is rich in essential minerals such as magnesium, iron, potassium, calcium, zinc, copper, and manganese. These minerals play crucial roles in various physiological processes, including bone health, nerve function, and enzyme activity.

5. Antioxidants: Ceremonial Cacao is one of the most abundant sources of natural antioxidants, specifically flavonoids. Flavonoids, such as epicatechin and catechin, have been associated with various health benefits, including reducing oxidative stress and inflammation in the body.

6. Heart Opening and Improving Focus: Ceremonial Cacao contains theobromine, a stimulant in the same family as caffeine. Theobromine is also responsible for that pleasurable feeling you get when you consume cacao, it also improves focus and attention and increases blood flow to the heart, making it the perfect companion to Mindfulness and Meditation.


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